About Joss and Janik

We are a Mexican girl and a German guy that met one night in LA, fell in love on Skype, then jumped into a long distance relationship and finally ended up living together in the same country. 

We started "Joss and Janik" as a way to express ourselves and tell our story. In our Youtube channel we share our passion for filmmaking, traveling and storytelling in our own way. This outlet allows us to reach people from all over the world and on top of that brought us closer as a couple. 

After a few years of traveling back and forth between Mexico and Germany we are now based in Munich, Germany and look forward to grow our brand while entertaining and inspiring a few people on the way. We want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to visit our page and join us in this crazy journey that is just starting.




Janik was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. He is a hip hop dancer and choreographer, and has trained in Los Angeles, San Diego, Germany, Sweden and more.

Janik is also an extremely talented visual effects artist. He worked in Los Angeles on several music videos, TV commercials and movies. Seeking more creative freedom he is now a freelance artist. He is also producing his own YouTube series with his girlfriend Joss.


About Joss

Joss was born and raised in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. She is a hip hop dancer and choreographer. She has trained in important studios in United States of America and Europe such as Millennium Dance Complex LA, Broadway Dance Center, Debbie Reynolds Legacy etc. On her free time she also loves playing the piano and enjoys learning new languages, traveling to new places and creating fun makeup styles. 

 Joss has a Bachelor degree in Environmental Sciences and Health and is currently studying her master studies in Sustainable Resource Management in the Technical University of Munich. She did an internship at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in winter 2017-2018. She is currently finishing her studies and producing her own YouTube series with her boyfriend Janik Ruehl.